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Wolf Den Casino

Play Wolf Den Casino for FREE! available now on Android!

Apple version of Wolf Den Casino will be released shortly, thank you for your patience!

Step into Wolf Den Casino and try your luck at a handful of classic casino games!

Aiming to deliver a more realistic experience, Wolf Den Casino showcases an immersive 3D gaming environment, featuring three casino classics and several variants of each game! Many more games are on the way to keep every player satisfied and on their toes.

Wolf Den Casino is the first game in the PACK gaming network, as more games are added to the PACK you can take the coins and content you unlock between games, giving you the ability to spend your hard played coins however you want!

Signing up with Facebook creates a free PACK account, members are able to load up their profiles on any of their devices, transfer coins and content, gain access to member bonuses, and get bigger daily coin bonuses every day!


  •  Two different types of Video Poker: Draw Poker and Deuces Wild
  •  American and European Roulette styled tables
  •  Two different Slot machines, with many more on the way
  •  Collect hundreds of free coins every single day! Utilize member bonuses to receive even more!
  •  Plenty of challenging Accolades to unlock and show off to your friends and strangers alike!
  •  Boost your winnings up to 5x! Payout Boosts offer a way to break the casino bank

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