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Tools and Projects

Draw Call Minimizer

Draw Call Minimizer is a versatile tool that will combine meshes together, atlas textures, and save draw calls on your projects no matter how big or small.

The reason that this becomes helpful is because as more and more objects are on the screen, the more draw calls get sent to the GPU. As more draw calls get sent to the GPU, the draw list grows and grows, and it can become a large bottleneck for performance, especially on mobile devices.

TD Shooter

TD Shooter was a small project I was working on in my spare time. I was developing everything myself, models, textures, programming, sound etc. I got a few weeks into it and then it was abandoned when I started LoneWolfPack Interactive with a few friends of mine.

Either way there is a somewhat playable version with a couple of waves to give you the gist of what I was trying to do with it.

The Fly Game

The Fly Game was my final project at school. I was labelled the Technical Director on the project and my duties included programming, documentation, and leading the other programmers to a finished project.