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TD Shooter

Tom's Traumatizing Time At The Toy Store was an old project that I had planned on starting with a work colleague of mine. Development has been at a standstill since about April of 2012, so this project basically isn't actually going to happen any time soon. 

Either way, I've put up a playable version of what I had created.

This game is a Tower Defense game and First Person Shooter game combined.

The story of the game, is that you play as Tom, the new night guard at the local toy store. On your first night of the job, the janitor releases a computer virus that infects all of the toys and creates an army! It is now your duty to stop the toys from escaping the toy store and taking over the world!

Below is the current version of Tom's Traumatizing Time at the Toy Store. I thought that it would be a good idea for you guys to play a bit of the game and let me know what you think, and that seeing the game slowly being built would be a neat way of showing it off.

Anyways, play away, and let me know what you think, whether it is good or bad, because I want to hear it, just please don't troll, nobody wants to see that.

The controls for the game are:

Mouse: Aim
Left Mouse Button: Fire
Left Shift: Swap between 1st and 3rd person views
WASD: Move
Escape: Menu

You may also find some temporary/underdeveloped functionality with some messing around with different keys

March 31st 2012-> Version 0.2.1:
- Added 9 new 3d assets textures
- (Background) set up project for mounds of assets coming within the next week or so

March 22nd 2012-> Version 0.2.0:
- Recreated Main Menu level to include rough layout of the store
- Experience and leveling up added (no benefits to leveling up yet)
-You only get experience for enemies that you get the last shot on
- New assets created
-Street Light
-Parking Block
-Barbed Wire

March 18th 2012-> Version 0.1.0:
- Added main menu and second level
- Added loading screen to help transition levels and hide level optimization
- Added in game menu and controls help
- Added current version of the the game to main menu
- Added simple stat tracking
- Created some of the leveling and experience functionality
- Menus are more organized and better looking