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The Fly Game

This is The Fly Game. This is the project that I had been working on with a small team of individuals during school.

In The Fly Game, you play as Frankie the fly. Frankie was a deformed fly and had no wings, so he crafted himself a fancy little jet pack to get around.

 The way the story starts is, you find a new house to live in, but this house ends but being a hoarders house, and it is about to be fumigated so it can be sold. The window you fly in closes behind you  and you are trapped. A fairly attractive fly is crying and asks for your help to rescue her babies, because she carelessly left them lying all over the house. So it is now your job to rescue all of the babies and get out of the house before it is fumigated.

Here are some pictures of the game we ended up finishing with:

This is what we had for the main menu. Just a simple main menu with the camera rotating around the first level

 This is our second level, which was the living room. Just showing how much junk we had laying all over the levels

 A minigame that we had in between levels. The point was to make it to the end by flying through the holes in the spider webs. These minigames took place in the vents of the house

 This is the bathtub. You had to dodge all of the bubbles while collecting babies and power ups

The game we ended with had 3 levels each with their own unique minigame levels. There were about 100 or so model assets, and each of them had anywhere between 2 to 7 separate textures for them, so there were quite a few assets put into this game.

When video footage of this game gets added to YouTube, ill post the link and you guys can take a look at what we accomplished.

This is our 2D opening cinematic. It basically explains the whole purpose of the game: