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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Updated Videos and The Draw Call Minimizer

Hey guys! So if you have noticed in my older posts, I had multiple videos for the same tutorial. This was because Youtube has a limit of 15 minutes for videos for most people. Youtube recently lifted this limit, so I decided to upload the full videos for your convenience. All of my previous tutorials now have one embedded video instead of multiple ones, and now on my Youtube channel any video over 15 minutes is no longer separated into different parts. Yay!

Something else that has recently happened was I received an email from Unity today. I was informed that one of my assets was approved for sale on the Unity Asset Store!

What this tool does is combine meshes and textures at runtime so that the GPU only needs to make one draw call instead of multiple ones. It is an improved version of the Unity CombineMesh utility.

What is different from my tool and Unity's tool, is that what the Unity CombineMesh utility is it creates a combined mesh for each separate object and texture and in the script it actually recommends that objects share textures whenever possible to reduce draw calls. What my tool does is create a texture atlas so that all of the textures are shared and instead of having multiple draw calls for every texture, there is one. This is all done at run time as well so there is no increase in the amount of assets that you need to create.

The Draw Call Minimizer comes with an example project. This example project comes with about 6 or so models each with their own texture. Without the Draw Call Minimizer the scene has a couple hundred draw calls. After using my tool, that is reduced to one draw call with zero batched. The only thing that this tool does is take a second or tool to do its work as soon as the level is loaded.

If you want to take a look at my tool, or perhaps purchase it for your project you can look at it here, at 5 bucks, it is ridiculously cheap compared to a lot of the tool on that Asset Store, and is very useful considering the price.

Anyways, a video showing off the tool will be coming up tomorrow hopefully and I am also going to be showing off an alpha build of my mesh splitting tool as well!

Keep coding! and follow me on twitter at!/purdyjo

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Tom's Traumatizing Time At The Toy Store Preview

Hey guys I've been working on a project of mine called Tom's Traumatizing Time At The Toy Store. It is a First Person Shooter and a Tower Defense game combined.

I posted a very very early version of the game on Youtube here:

As you can see the art in the game is a little rough, but it is a very very early version of the game and the art is just temporary for now.

The basic outline of the story for Tom's Traumatizing Time At The Toy Store, is that you are a security guard at this toy store working on the night shift. It is your first day and on this day a computer virus just so happens to infect all of the electronic toys and they turn evil, and are now trying to take over the world. It is now your job to stop the toys from escaping the store or the entire world will be run by evil electronic toys!

Anyways, this is what I have so far. My next post is going to be a preview of the tool that I am putting up on the asset store that reduces draw calls for the GPU by a staggeringly large amount in some cases.

Until then, keep coding, and take it easy!

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tom's Traumatizing Time At The Toy Store and RocketHub

Hey everyone, sorry for the inconsistency with my posts. My latest post is about the new game that I am developing, previously known as TDShooter. The title for the game that I came up with was Tom's Traumatizing Time At The Toy Store.

Something that I am trying out is a site called RocketHub. It is very similar to the site, where the community can fund projects and get rewards for doing so. What this funding is going towards is the Unity Pro version for development purposes, licencing and rewards for funding the project.

This is a very new and exciting approach to my game development and as time goes by more posts will be put up showing concepts, models and videos of where the game is currently at.

The link to my RocketHub project is

Anyways guys, happy coding!

Also! The tool that is also currently in development is getting close to its beta version, so a video of where the tool is at will be up shortly. So stay tuned!